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The sailing logs and maps were key in the colonization of the valley in the ‘s. While the area was originally named New Amsterdam, it was under British rule. During the revolutionary war, the Hudson River played an important, though not one of the most decisive roles, in achieving freedom. Because the river was used to deliver supplies and troops for American forces, a full scale effort was made by the colonists to hold the river. In , Benedict Arnold, attempted to pass off plans for West Point to the British, for 20, pounds sterling, before being discovered and making a narrow escape. George Washington set up his headquarters in Newburgh in , and it remained there through the end of the revolutionary war. Washington pleaded with the new government for a training academy, after seeing the effects that the lack of properly trained officers had on his troops. It wasn’t until after his death that West Point would be established as a military academy in United States Military Academy at West Point holds the distinction of not only being the oldest continuously manned fort in the country, since it was founded in , but also for being the nation’s oldest military training facility, since

Westchester County, New York

This newcomer in the brick colony is conceded to be one of the finest brickmaking establishments on the picturesque Hudson, famed as the head-center of the industry in this quarter of the globe. All that goes to make a location desirable is found at Newton Hook in great liberality–pure sand in illimitable quantity, hills of clay that literally can never be exhausted and a small mountain of the best shale that the state of New York can boast.

In addition to these admirable resources are the unequalled means of transportation afforded by the New York Central railroad on the one hand and the waterway of the world on the other. Of equal importance with location are the up-to-date labor-saving devices that have been incorporated in the new plant. Newton Hook was formerly Coxsackie Station, but the name was changed recently, partly because it was too frequently confused with the town of Coxsackie on the west shore of the river, and partly because the topography makes it appropriate, for a hook-shaped peninsula juts into the river at that point.

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Geography[ edit ] The Hudson River Historic District roughly corresponds to the 40 estates established along the river on lands originally granted to the Livingston family. Portions, the Sixteen Mile District and Clermont Estates Historic District , were previously included in two other smaller districts that were later incorporated into the district. On the west it ends at the Ulster county line in the middle of the river channel.

The Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge provides the only access from this direction. In the north it is the line between the towns of Clermont and Germantown. The south boundary is not a municipal line but rather coterminous with the south boundary of Margaret Lewis Norrie State Park north of Staatsburg. It has been drawn very tightly to exclude some newer properties that do not reflect the traditional character of the area yet include some lands still reflecting their development as estates that had not previously been recognized.

The land within the district is generally a gentle and gradual slope from the low glacial ridge followed by routes 9 and 9G to the river, which generally remains about 10 feet 3 m above sea level at this point. Most of the land reflects its past as large country estates, with large fields and meadows alternating with woodlots.

Historic Sites along The Hudson River

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Croton-on-Hudson is a village in Westchester County, New York, United population was 8, at the census. It is located in the town of Cortlandt as part of New York City’s northern village was incorporated in

Kuehnle also turns his creativity and mechanical know-how from costumes to site-specific installations that activate the space around them. Products of numerous renderings, Kuehnle inflatables, here in Summer 16, include three new works: The titles of the works are as intriguing as the works. I like titles that make people curious, says Kuehnle, but also offer the potential for your own interpretation by have some sort of call-to-action.

Kuehnle sculptures, which he makes from vinyl-coated polyester fabric, inflate and deflate, pulsing, and by extension breathing, like an organism. Bestowing kinetic energy on a sculpture demands of its maker a sophisticated approach to scale and movement. The installation, itself, always requires new construction and problem solving aided by programming platforms for electronics and the traditional push and pull of winches, pulleys, and rigging.

When I work on projects, I always like to learn things and have new experiences. So I set up challenges, situations that require new techniques, said Kuehnle. Kuehnle who teaches at the Cleveland Institute of Art, has had solo shows at museums, galleries and universities in the United States and internationally. In he was selected for the national survey exhibition State of the Art: As a Fulbright Graduate Research Fellow in Japan, , he pursued his interest in public art and sculpture. In the Galleries are more of Jimmy Kuehnle works and costumes.

50 Best Things to Do in the Hudson Valley, New York

According to the U. Long Island Sound shore[ edit ] Westchester’s Long Island Sound shore is generally rocky, interspersed with tidal mud flats , marshes and wetlands , as well as several natural and artificially-maintained sand beaches. Municipal and County owned parks provide access to beaches, nature preserves and passive and active waterfront recreational facilities. A number of islands can be found off the Long Island Sound shore, most of which are located in New Rochelle.

Davids’ Island , the former location of the U.

Tours, tastings and special events at the wineries of the Hudson Valley are very popular activities during visits to the region. Please check websites or call ahead to verify open hours if you’re planning a trip, as most wineries change schedules depending on the season. Learn more about the history of wine making in the Hudson Valley.

Get more Spoon in your feed. That email doesn’t look right. By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier The Hudson Valley is a playground of adventure and has amazing opportunities to explore and hike , no matter what season it is. Gather your squad and check them out! Go on a stroll on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, explore some caves along the way, and cross over the Rosendale Trestle. From there, you can either walk or park in town and trek to the top of Joppenbergh Mountain, where views of the trestle are unbelievable.

Then, stroll through the town and discover some of the antique shops and cute restaurants. After starting at the beautiful open field which looks like it leads to Narnia , you will come across the true beauty of the hike. What starts out as a simple stream of water, turns into a beautiful waterfall, and leads directly into a magnificent cave.

Balancing on the rocks within the stream will allow you to climb all the way into the cave , which is a truly spectacular sight. Located in the Eastern Catskills Mountains , this stands as the tallest two-tier waterfall in New York. Once you get to the beginning of the trail, you will think that you can see all that this attraction has to offer. However, you are most definitely mistaken!

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The coast boasts many beaches and parks. Bass fishing, complete with tournaments, is huge on Lake Champlain, and Ausable Chasm — a gorge that’s two miles long – is a top attraction. It is a combination of forested and open areas, with a large area that featuringpicnic facilities and a protected, sandy beach, plus a concession stand.

Westchester County is a county in the U.S. state of New is the second-most populous county on the mainland of New York, after the Bronx, (p6) and the most populous county in the state north of New York ing to the Census, the county had a population of ,, estimated to have increased by % to , by Situated in the Hudson Valley, Westchester covers an.

Search 50 Best Things to Do in the Hudson Valley, New York New York ‘s Hudson Valley is miles of lush nature marked by hundreds of years of history, human endeavors, and breathtaking natural beauty. Home to charming towns like New Paltz , Catskill , Hudson , Poughkeepsie , Troy, Hyde Park, Kingston and many others, the valley has seen battles that formed the nation at Saratoga , NY , artists of the Hudson River School of Painters that defined how the world sees American art, and top chefs graduating from the Culinary Institute of America to provide us with fresh perspectives on food.

He created a new style of painting that was uniquely American, and with his beautiful painting of Catskill landscapes, he laid the foundation of the Hudson River School of Art. The house is registered as a National Historic Site, and hosts numerous exhibitions, lectures about the Hudson River School, and other programs.

Nestled amongst gardens and woodlands with views of the Catskill Mountains and rivers, the room mansion is a prime example of Beaux-Art architecture. Modeled after a typical English country house, it is a reflection of an era rather than an attempt to pay homage to an individual person.

Aldridge Brick Company

You will see a house that reflects the Dutch way of life that characterized Kingston in the 18th century. You will also see where the first New York State Senate met and helped shape the newly created government. The 18th century objects in the kitchen shed light on how people prepared their food, and where it came from. Other rooms contain domestic furniture, portraits, and other objects that help explain how people in the colonial era lived, and how they entertained.

Standing in the Senate room you will get a sense of the pressure faced by the founders, and their lasting impact felt today.

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In support of its educational mission, HHV welcomes some , visitors annually to its network of historic sites and special events and reaches tens of thousands more through digital programs. HHV welcomes visitors to: Among the many popular public events are: Historic Hudson Valley also maintains a distinguished research library containing more than 19, books, manuscripts, letters, maps, and other documents relating to the history of the region.

Increasingly, the organization is producing digital products including apps and interactive websites, both to enhance the experience of on-site visitors and to reach new audiences. The organization has a staff of , 40 of whom are full time, and is governed by an member Board of Directors. To learn more about HHV please visit: To learn more about Westchester County see: Position and Responsibilities The Associate Director of Development is a newly created position resulting from a staff reorganization and is based in Westchester County, a minute drive from Manhattan.

The position reports to HHV Senior Vice President, Peter Pockriss and is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the department and achieving annual contributed income goals by stewarding and expanding a diverse, sophisticated donor base at an exciting time of institutional development. The position supervises a full-time staff of three; direct reports include the Manager of Individual Giving, Senior Development Writer, and Development Coordinator.

Core Responsibilities The most important roles for the Associate Director of Development position are the following: With the senior leadership of HHV, plan and execute a strategic and comprehensive development plan that will support the operating and capital needs of the institution for the present and the long term.

Scenic Hudson Valley, New York