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A starco Story by CodyAu reviews Star butterfly and Marco have secrets that need to be told, and Star searches for her family history. Join Comet as he tries to survive life on earth taking care of his rambunctious sister and learning new things, including things he didn’t even know about himself OC Insert Story Rated: The Gift of Giving by New Yorktown reviews A little story about Marco trying to get Star a present, based on earlier, simpler times of the show.

Olga’s after its recapture and become Heinous’ model princess. During his time there, he learns of a deeper, darker secret that lies underneath the surface of the school and just what Heinous is truly trying to accomplish.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message Comic Frontier, a con held in Jakarta , Indonesia. Fan convention also known as con or fan meeting , a term that antedates , [1] is an event in which fans of a particular film , television series , comic book , actor , or an entire genre of entertainment, such as science fiction or anime and manga , gather to participate and hold programs and other events, and to meet experts, famous personalities, and each other.

Some also incorporate commercial activity.

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Everything posted here must be anime specific. Flair your posts Do not post untagged spoilers. No memes, image macros, reaction images, “fixed” posts, or rage comics. This applies to [OC] fanart, read here. Do not use link shortening services.

The 14 Best Comic Book Websites. By Tim March 21, views. Share; Tweet; Superhero Hype is the premier site for comic book movie news — not to mention a fair bit of information about video game crossovers too. 8. Tiger Woods, 35, Dating Twentysomething Alyse Johnston. Next article. Comments. Comments are closed.

This is a subreddit dedicated to Marvel Comics, its publications and hundreds of characters. It is not affiliated with Marvel Entertainment, LLC and is an unofficial community owned and operated by dedicated fans. Feel free to discuss comics, video games, movies, TV shows, collectibles, or anything else related to Marvel.

Just don’t post any memes. New to reading comics? Check out our Recommended Reading Guide!

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Edit Though replete with additional nuance, the nub of the narrative problem is easy to grasp. Writer Ben Aaronovitch has notably opined that there is simply no way to retcon the problem. There is nothing you can do about [Mawdryn Undead]. You just pretend it’s taking place in an alternate universe. Ben Aaronovitch [src] Terrance Dicks has said he deliberately avoided giving dates during his time as script editor precisely so he could avoid these sorts of continuity headaches.

Consequently, the biggest period of UNIT involvement, the Third Doctor ‘s era, has only comparatively mild contributions to the dating controversy.

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Share Comics are awesome, right? These 14 sites are some of the best around. Bleeding Cool Bleeding Cool is the scummy gossip rag of the comics world, a site that everyone loves to hate. Happy to print rumors, but also the source of the occasional bit of honest journalism, Bleeding Cool was founded by Rich Johnston, who spun off his success from his CBR column Lying in the Gutters.

Bleeding Cool is quick to publish, quick to point fingers, and quick to draw conclusions, leading many readers to be aggravated at the site and its writers. That said, the world needs scummy gossip rags sometimes, because digging through the garbage occasionally gets you gold. Pink Kryptonite Despite the tights, grunting, and fabulous haircuts and outfits, comics as a medium is remarkably hostile to gay folk.

There are only a handful of gay and lesbian characters among the major publishers, and they have a far higher rate of getting killed off than straight characters. Comics need to more embracing of minority cultures without falling in to stereotypes, and its good to see sites like Pink Kryptonite fighting for that.

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I was invited to moderate a NASA panel on exoplanets, with the twist of looking at them through the lens of science fiction. How do the planets we discovery compare to those seen in Star Trek, Stargate, and so on? This time by my lgood friends at the Science and Entertainment Exchange , a group a program of the National Academy of Sciences! So no graphics, nothing but their own voice and enthusiasm.

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Lee, the creator of Spiderman, is a now year-old superstar. Featured at the event? This is big business. But he was relatively lucky as this seems to have come out of appearance fees for all the rest of the talent there, who had to make do with the money they could make from their own booths and signing tables. We have attempted to get an explanation for the breach of contract, and have yet to receive a response from either party. This is your chance to sit down with Stan Lee, a true comic book legend!


A Space Odyssey by Jack Kirby. This actually became an ongoing series and introduced concepts to the Marvel Universe that are still around today, including Machine Man. Marvel Super Special was a magazine-formatted comic series released by Marvel Comics from to While many of its early issues were dedicated to original stories featuring KISS , Conan the Barbarian , Star-Lord , and Doug Moench’s Weirdworld, film adaptations had been interspersed the aforementioned Close Encounters adaptation was issue 3 , and became the sole focus of the series with issue One exception was a Tarzan story released to cash in on the film Greystoke:

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As the Charlton Neo followers online began to reach into the thousands, it became apparent to Mr. Todd that bowing to the hew and cry, Charlton Neo HAD to make the jump to quality, printed-on-paper hard-copy traditional comic books, available to fans and readers anywhere that independent comic books were sold.

Well, perhaps experience, longevity and stability were factors. AC has been producing and marketing independent comic books on a monthly basis continuously since I myself did a couple of stories and cover art for Charlton Bullseye 8, in When the decision to drop comics publication at Charlton came about, Pearson approached Bill who was then preparing to launch AC Comics about the backlog of completed stories Charlton had on hand intended for future issues of the Bullseye that would never be published.

Bill agreed to publish some of those, under the proviso that Charlton would give AC permission to publish these already-in-progress stories featuring Charlton characters including Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Nightshade and The Question, during a limited, month span. That period was the year There were other Charlton stories planned, but they were not completed by the time the Charlton permissions ran out. Subsequently, a sale of those characters to DC Comics went through, at which time DC assumed all rights to publishing new material utilizing those characters.

E-Man was the first place most comic book readers were introduced to the unique dynamism of artist Joe Staton. Joe has gone on to draw literally thousands of pages of comics for all the major companies, illustrating all the biggest stars; yet none have really ever eclipsed his work on E-Man. And with original writer Nicola Cuti a long-time veteran comic book scripter and editor in his own right teaming with Joe, how could a new E-Man series possibly be anything less than great?

If you remember E-man and have been pining for his return, your time has come.

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This article may be written from a fan’s point of view , rather than a neutral point of view. Please clean it up to conform to a higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in tone. July Learn how and when to remove this template message A fansite, fan site, fan blog or fan page is a website created and maintained by a fan or devotee about a celebrity , thing, or particular cultural phenomenon.

Fansites may offer specialized information on the subject e. They often take the form of a blog , highlighting the latest news regarding the fansite subject. They often include galleries of photos or videos of the subject and are often “affiliates” with other fansites.

The site covers news, conventions, comic culture, and less interesting items like the financial health of the comic book industry. If you haven’t read a comic book in .

Subdivided into “Watsonians” and “Doylists” , depending on whether they maintain the affectation that the characters and stories are real or not. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy fans call each other “hoopy froods,” from the in-universe term for someone who always knows where his towel is , and is therefore a really together i. Horatio Hornblower fans have no overall nickname, but fans of Archie Kennedy call themselves “Crumpeteers,” based on the Fan Nickname for him.

Lemmings of Discord Sword of Truth Hatedom , coined in one of the more creative insults they’ve received. Phans The Phantom of the Opera Honor Harrington has the convention-related nickname of “Berets” for the distinctive headgear worn by members of the fan club. Harry Potter has Potterheads. Also known as Potterites.

Pottheads, for a more pejorative term. Non-fans are known as Muggles or ” Mudbloods “. Another common name is Dumbledore’s Army or the D.

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During a mission in South Korea , she was involved in a confrontation with ivory smugglers. She was later given an undercover assignment in Nigeria where she pretended to be a Nigerian woman as she observed the trafficking going on in the country. You ruined my mission.

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As you may already know the world has suffered the loss of a truly great man, well before his time. While this site has grown over the years to feature many artists and comics, its origins sprang from a Michael Turner dedicated fan site. I cannot count how many artists took their inspiration and direction from Michael. I still cannot believe he is gone and I cannot begin to imagine the world without him.

He leaves a base of fans spanning the globe that adore his work and will find a void that will never be filled. While I am just a fan in the eyes of any passerby, I would count Michael a friend, for he certainly went above and beyond to extend what could only be felt as a personal connection to me and every other fan he met.

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By Claire Fallon Priscilla Frank A year-old boy sits hunched over a suspiciously gaudy magazine or a lurid, jerky video on a computer screen, furtive and flushed, sticky gobs of tissue in the wastebasket. The traditional sexual explorations of a testosterone-clogged adolescent male. To legally sell the books, author E. James had to change the characters of Bella and Edward to Anastasia and Christian. Mainstream discussions of X-rated fanfic usually veer toward the gleefully smug or the bemusedly grossed out.

Little solid research has been done on who writes and reads fan fiction, especially the huge subset of X-rated fanfic, but surveys and anecdata suggest the arena is dominated by girls and women , many of them queer, many of them young. There’s no one type of person who writes and reads fanfic, however. To the uninitiated, smutty fanfic can seem creepy, odd and superfluous. To many in the fan writing community, however, the aspects of fanfic that can make it seem icky to outsiders are exactly those that allow readers to feel comfortable with the sexual content within.

But giving those urges to other people — familiar characters from books or TV, members of their favorite musical group — well, that feels less implicatory. In fanfic, girls can remain off-stage, able to glance sideways at their fantasies and desires without ever having to directly claim them.

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