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However, the 55 gallon barrel will fill up and overflow with even a small bout of rain. The good news is, you can capture and store more rain water, either in your landscape by digging a rain garden, or inside additional rain barrels. Connect two rain barrels together in a series to double your harvest! This is a simple project, and there are two methods for how to accomplish it. Install your first rain barrel. If you need a reminder, follow these instructions linked below for how to install a rain barrel. Since you are connecting two or more barrels, ensure you have sufficient, sturdy, and level space.

Flex-Fit Diverter 31″ Fill Hose (Accordion Style)

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Set the rain barrels you wish to connect up on platforms so gravity increases the water pressure and makes it easier for water to flow into the barrels. The first barrel — connected to the.

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Approximately 1, gallons of water hits a 1, square-foot roof in just a 1-inch rainstorm, but a single rain barrel is only able to hold roughly 55 gallons depending on the barrel size. Overflow pipes connect several barrels in a chain to increase the water collection capacity. An overflow pipe is needed to divert overflow from the last barrel and away from the foundation; this is the same as connecting barrels, except there’s no barrel on the other end of the pipe.

Connecting Barrels 1 Set the rain barrels you wish to connect up on platforms so gravity increases the water pressure and makes it easier for water to flow into the barrels.

Whether you make your own rain barrel or purchase a complete rain collection system, it is necessary to hook it up to your gutter downspout. Hooking it up properly lets the rain flow in while keeping the water free from pests like mosquitoes.

Posted on February 10, by Lou Murray, Ph. I have to confess that I have no plumbing or irrigation skills. It took me forever to figure out how to connect three rain barrels in series. My water barrels all had male outlets on their spigots. One connects female adapters, such as are found on the end of garden hoses, to the male outlets. I did know one thing about plumbing. There are male ends and female ends. The male end fits into the female end.

10 Steps to a Do It Yourself (DIY) Rain Barrel

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Most rain barrels are constructed from gallon food grade plastic barrels, so a good rain can easily fill more than one. Connecting two barrels in a series to double storage capacity is a.

Next Page great replacement hose This hose fit perfectly from our rain barrel to our downspout. The old hose got damaged in the hail and this was just the right size to replace it. Quick shipping and a fantastic price. Rebecca Oliver on 13th Aug flex-fit diverter fill hose price could be better, for the individual cost to manufacture, but worth adding to an existing order, for minimal impact on shipping cost, as a spare, since one had already broken. Unknown on 10th May perfect replacement I ordered this to replace the broken one on my rain barrel.

It arrived very promptly and is the exact right size.

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The water was spilling over the side of the rain barrel because I am using an open top barrel with my downspout diverter. This is a very common problem when open top barrels are used with diverters. When the rain barrel water harvesting system was full, the water would spill over the side and erode the dirt where my flowers were planted.

You could probably do it for less if you wanted to shop around or if you already had some of the items. Best of all, it was really easy to do. Rain barrel downspout diverters Downspout diverters are really awesome products when they are installed correctly.

Connect barrels in a series so the barrels act as a single unit—Measure 2” from the bottom on each barrel. Mark with a line. Using the hole saw, drill a hole using the ” hole saw at the line.

Why Use Rain Barrels Rain, rain, go away. Away from my foundation, that is. I like rain, but I also like my house to stay where it should be. Our soils are such that you really do need to watch how water coming off your house drains away. I found out the hard way. Many years ago, we had very poor drainage that allowed water to pool against a garage wall.

One particularly wet year led to the foundation sinking a few inches down. Add to that the foundation repair where we had to jack-up the garage, add concrete blocks and re-mortar. I sure do wish I had thought more about drainage. Now my gutters and downspouts drain well away from my house and run downhill where they can do no harm to my foundation.

You may have up to two barrels adding up to gallons worth, which catch water coming off your roof or gutter system. You may only use the water you collect for garden and landscape irrigation.

How do I hook up a pump to a rain barrel that automatically shuts off?

I wanted something that would store a a large volume of water that can be used in the garden during the long periods without rain. In other words, I wanted to add to it over time to make it larger for storing more water for even longer dry spells. The barrels I used were black gallon drums with clamp on lids. Here are the details for building the system: I began the project by selecting a location.

The place I picked is on the back side of my deck.

A rain barrel is a container that collects runoff from your home’s gutter system, connecting to the downspout with a rain diverter or fitting under a modified downspout. A spigot or hose connector lets you drain the water for use around your landscape. Rain barrels provide an alternative to using municipal water or well water for irrigation.

I looked at your web site, and a few more, and then I made some changes and came up with the attached. All parts are readily available at the home improvement centers, I put in 7 at my house, and they are working great. I probably made it too hard, but my background as an engineer caught up with me as I went along! Attached are pictures of the water tank parts and setup I worked out.

The two pieces of flex gutter pipe are for the tank input and the tank overflow output. One flex piece is connected with screws to hold it from the gutter coming down from the side of the house, which I cut a section out of, to the tank input. The other piece of flex goes from the tank overflow output to the gutter drain pipe going into the ground. Keep in mind that all gutter interfaces, going in the direction of flow of water, need to go from a smaller pipe fitting into a larger pipe or else be a watertight fitting.

For the tank input, cut a square hole in the top of the tank, just the size to catch the lip of the square mesh box in the photo. This mesh box is a water plant pot, which can be found in the water garden section of Lowes.

Rain Barrel Hookup Straight to Waterer?

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3. Don’t rely on the hoses, spigot, clamp, washers, and nuts packaged with many rain barrels. The quality is notoriously poor. You’ll have the most flexibility if you choose a .

Master gardener Paul James, conservation expert Gina Hungerford and rain barrel builder Jeff Greer explain how to start your own water conservation system with easy-to-install rain barrels. To save a little water from going down the drain, Hungerford offers a simple, efficient, low-cost method for homeowners to collect and recycle water. She suggests installing rain barrels, which are simply large containers that capture rainwater at the end of your downspout.

According to Hungerford, a quarter-inch of rain falling on the average home yields about gallons of water. A rain barrel can be filled within a matter of minutes during a good rain. While plastic is preferred because it won’t rust, any large, waterproof container will work well. Drill a second hole nearby along the side of the container about 1 or 2 inches from the top.

How to Connect Two Rain Barrels

Tweet It has been pouring rain here for two days and it reminded me about how many homes I see around here with significant water damage. One of my biggest recommendations to clients when they build a new home is to invest in good gutters. The conversation typically turns to the home owner telling me that having gutters in New England is a bad idea because of the snow and ice.

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How to Connect a Rain Barrel to a Downspout

How to Harvest Rainwater By: Creating a rainwater collecting and storage system is simple. Best of all, this collection system is right over your head. The three elements of any rainwater harvester are the collection area , the transportation system and the storage facility. So if you have a roof, you have a collection area. Determining how much water your roof collects can involve lots of complex calculations.

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How to Install a Rain Barrel.