Normani Kordei Boyfriend 2017: Who is the “DWTS” Contestant Dating?

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Fifth Harmony Normani Kordei’s List of Boyfriends

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Normani’s romantic life has been a topic of much interest to the media since her time in the X Factor house when she was dating fellow contestant Arin Ray. The two had met during the boot camp stage.

One needs to give love a chance; because its existence seems unreal until experienced! The singer of Fifth Harmony band, Normani Kordei seems to have given a thought to that as well, as she too is in the pursuit of love. So today, we take a stroll past Normani’s love life and find out if she has found love in somebody! He was extremely smitten with her! I have to say he’s a cool guy. Like inside and outside of rehearsal, he’s helped me in so many ways.

Like even at the first one, I overthink a lot — and, ultimately, when we watch our videos after every live show, we are super proud because we know how hard we worked. He pushes me to the limit. Normani, who now signs a new modeling contract with Wilhelmina where she joins as a part of agency’s celebrity roster, showed her love and support to Val via Twitter back in December , but just as a bro. I will go out with you! I’ll definitely go out with you. Not this week because we got things to do this week, but maybe a week after that.

I need an address, where you’re going on a date, what kind of menu there’s going to be. There’s no drinking involved because she’s not even 21 yet.

Normani Kordei’s boyfriend

She is not only a singer but also a dancer and a model. She is the third youngest in the girl group and is a lyric mezzo-soprano with 4 octaves and 2 notes. That makes her age 21 years now. Her parents are Derrick and Andrea Hamilton.

Mar 30,  · Also, we hear that Normani Hamilton a Gemini and Arin Ray are officially couple. No word on the other girls, boyfriends. Astrologically speaking, Fifth Harmony, has a big year ahead of them.

And no, not just in their group photos together. She also began putting more emphasis on her sad feelings on social media. Before becoming friends with Taylor Camila had always just claimed she was a shy person due to being bullied and not having friends. This was exposed to be a complete lie though which you can read about here. Has described her weekends away from the group and with other celebrities as the best weekends of her life, moments she finally got to spend with friends, and times she was not okay with ending.

After Camila began planning her solo career and getting even more attention for being friends with Taylor, she had changed up her lie of just being extremely shy to the possible lie, or possible truth of having several mental disorders. Let me recap this.

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Normani sang What Makes You Beautiful against Arin Ray. Throughout this time, the two showed mild affection. Throughout this time, the two showed mild affection. The judges enjoyed both of .

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Who has Normani Kordei dated?

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During Arin’s performance, Normani was giddy backstage with her girlfriends and the other four members of Fifth Harmony. Unfortunately, Arin didn’t receive a lot of praise from the judges, so.


Normani Kordei Boyfriend 2017: Who is the “DWTS” Contestant Dating?


Normani Kordei Hamilton was said to be dating Arin ray in and She was later said to be dating Dinah Jane Hansen’s cousin Thomas Hansen. Due to their great on-stage chemistry, Normani was said to be dating her dancing partner Valentin as well.


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5. Who has Normani Kordei dated? During her time on The X Factor, Normani was rumoured to be dating fellow contestant Arin Ray after they met during the boot camp stage.


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Normani Kordai dated American singer Arin Ray for a while. They were going out between After this relationship ended, Kordei began dating her new boyfriend Thomas Hansen aka Masi. He gained recognition through his cousin Dinah Jane Hansen who also sings in the girl group Fifth Harmony.


Boot Camp 2 Arin Ray vs. Normani Hamilton (What Makes You Beautiful)- THE X FACTOR USA