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Has been a regular on six different series: His favourite TV show is The Simpsons Has appeared in episodes of three different series with Dan Shea: Played his most famous character, Angus MacGyver, a total of times: Lost Treasure of Atlantis and MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday The only characters he has played more times are Dr. He briefly reprised the role in a Superbowl TV ad for Mastercard. The last recipient of the award was James Stewart in Deep Space Nine

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No, he really means it this time. He even knows down to the minute when his knees buckled and his heart strings began to play like a violin. It was on Aug. The momentous occasion shook the former globe-trotting vagabond to his very core. The star of “Stargate SG-1” Fridays, p.

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May 18, , Video Analysis by Mike Schmitz The 21 recruit in the high school class, Luke Kennard was a McDonald’s All-American and USA Basketball fixture who surprised somewhat by developing into one of the best players in college basketball and a potential lottery pick already as a sophomore. He finished as the second best scorer in the ACC at Physically, Kennard has solid height for a shooting guard at around 6’6, but otherwise has plenty of question marks about his profile.

He’s also not a great athlete in a traditional sense, lacking standout quickness and explosiveness. What Kennard lacks in measurables he makes up for with tremendous skill, savvy and productivity. He played the game at a different speed than almost anyone at the college level this season, using polished footwork, body control and feel to get to different spots on the floor and compensate for his just-decent tools. He came up big time after time in clutch moments in some of the most important games he competed in, showing a level of swagger and confidence that grew on NBA decision makers over time.

Kennard possesses outstanding scoring instincts from all over the court, but his advantage on offense starts with his elite-level shot-making ability. He moves off the ball intelligently, constantly relocating based on where the ball is and how the defense is reacting, and only needs an instant to get his shot off thanks to his super quick release and excellent shot preparation. Far more than a spot-up shooter, Kennard is excellent coming off screens, and is also lethal pulling up off the dribble.

He has very good footwork and timing attacking closeouts, using head-fakes, pump-fakes and terrific body control to shed his initial defender. He will not hesitate to use side-steps to quickly relocate behind the arc, or take one dribble inside the arc and pull-up for a mid-range step-back, often throwing in a slight fade for good measure. Kennard really improved with his ability to initiate offense this season, partially out of necessity on a Duke team with no point guard on the roster.

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James Keane, the director, happened to be there with his wife, Jane Seymour who is in the movie. He said it’s being released in May and if you like it, tell your friends. Well, since I absolutely hated it, I figured I’d do the same. And then I expanded “friends” to include “everyone I could possibly think of”.

A major new Oxford study has found that, in spite of all our talk about breaking gender norms, we’re still dating like it’s

Creating your own happiness Local celebrity couple Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun sure set the standards of romance high in the media industry. Back then, as such high-profile flash marriages were practically unheard of, their union caused a stir in the industry and drew lots of media attention. How their relationship began sure seemed like something out of a movie. Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun 08 Dec Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun As they were still unfamiliar with each other during the initial five years of married life, they had several misunderstandings, which stemmed from their differences in habits to their varying point of views in life.

One main difference they faced was the views on how to educate their children when they were younger. However, these obstacles did not stand in the way of the couple and their family, as they still remain very loving and would always make an effort to spend time together. Their children may now be the centre of their lives, but Edmund and Xiang Yun are still no short of romantic gestures for one another.

Their obstacles first arose in , when Liza was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer, followed by breast cancer in

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It has redefined cruising with exciting onboard activities such as rock-climbing walls, ice-skating rinks, zip lines, bumper cars, the signature FlowRider surf simulator and exclusive skydiving thrills of RipCord by iFLY. The world-class entertainment program includes dazzling only-on-Royal stage, ice, aerial, dive and multimedia shows, plus dance clubs, bars and lounges that never charge a cover.

Supervised youth programs are available for kids from tots to teens and the whole family can enjoy the exclusive DreamWorks Experience. A Royal Caribbean cruise is also an enticing culinary journey, with an array of complimentary and specialty dining options, from casual cafes to a classic steakhouse and gourmet restaurants. The newest ships in the fleet – Oasis Class and Quantum Class – are equipped with advanced technology, with the fastest Internet at sea, and the widest variety of accommodations, from single rooms with a balcony, to family-connected staterooms and luxurious two-story lofts.

Combined with personalized, attentive service, Royal Caribbean is committed to delivering the best vacation experience to its guests.

In , the IT executive engaged Dating Moments, a dating agency accredited by Social Development Network, for a package of eight dates, where he was matched with women based on mutual interests.

Netflix If your experience in the dating world isn’t at least a little bit awkward , you’re doing something wrong. Especially in a relationship that’s only a few months old, there are bound to be hurt feelings, and embarrassment, and confusion. When do you tell the person you’re seeing that you’d like to be exclusive? Or that you’re just not into them anymore?

There are no easy answers, and we’re not pretending to have them. Read on for Syrtash’s top tips on dating with confidence. You want to ask someone you just met on a date What to say: Would you be open to going out for a drink with me? But if you can’t see anything, don’t ask, “Are you single? Make sure to be confident and friendly; keep your body language open; and maintain eye contact. In this situation, your delivery is just as important as your language, Syrtash said.

I tried every major dating app — and the best one surprised me

Many of us would have seen a video by Channel news Asia about a few students from different backgrounds voicing out their views on class divide issues in Singapore. This video went viral and was debated widely even by Ministers. I was surprised that kids as young as 10 years old are comparing who has the more expensive school bags and pencil boxes with their classmates.

You can watch a snippet of the video below:

Our dating events, which complement our personalised matching service, serve as a fun and interactive platform for singles to meet and mingle. They are facilitated by our dating practitioners who constantly inject creative elements to make the events more interesting.

The Macross segment featured two clip show episodes adapted directly from the Japanese series, which had to use clip shows to fill space after its order was suddenly expanded from 23 to 36 episodes early in the season. One episode had an expertly edited dream sequence episode formed mainly of clips, with new dialogue, which flowed into each other in a very accurate rendition of dream logic. The other was the episode “Gloval’s Report,” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Captain Gloval reporting the major milestones of the series thus far to his superiors.

Robotech, for broadcast to build interest in advance of the show beginning its syndication run. The New Generation episode called “Sandstorm” is another clip show adapted directly from the original series. Another New Generation episode gained a several-minute recap segment at the beginning when several minutes of nudity were deleted from the original series’s Hot Springs Episode.

Another clip show was the episode that linked the Macross segment to the Robotech Masters segment. This episode was created entirely from other episodes’ content by the American translation company, which needed to fill an episode’s worth of space to pad the count out to a divisible-by-five number to better fit into weekday syndication.

Around the middle of Transformers: Energon , there was a mostly clip episode for no particular reason. Ditto for the original series at least the dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series took that episode and ran with it. All the lines except the flashback to the opening credits were new.

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Sunday, January 13, FBT 1 I realised that many guys out there have a fetish for FBTs, and some have even emailed me to try to share my relevant experiences. So I tried to recall, for all readers, a few encounters that make up this series. Hope you enjoy it! This made me so inspired to wear an FBT to class tomorrow!

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Offering services in the four categories of the vulnerable: If you like listening to others voice their problems, you can even man the Tinkly Friend helpline! Depending on which centre you choose to volunteer at, the types of opportunities will defer – expect to be camp facilitators and tuition teachers. Fill up the application form here Through its 16 structured YMCA – Tan Chin Tuan Community Service Programmes, volunteers get to enrich the lives of beneficiaries through activities such as sports, outdoor activities, nature walks and outdoor adventure camps.

These beneficiaries come from a total of 32 partnering voluntary welfare organisations, such as Metta Welfare Association and Fei Yue Community Services. Fill up the application form here Source:

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Thomas Jefferson did have some serious doubts that he harbored about core Christian doctrines, privately, near the end of his life. But did he and the other founding fathers intend America to drive God out of the public arena? Voices By Jason Yates Of the more than 70, races nationwide — local school board, municipal, state, judicial, U. House and Senate — chances are not all elections went the way you voted.

Filling up fast for ladies. 10 Nov. Make an Ice Cream, Make a Friend.

Together, they steer a team of many talented taller people to power Small Girls PR. We’ve never mass BCC’d reporters. We don’t issue press releases. We’ve only ever used a wire once when we were forced to by pirates. We pull out the most compelling stories from our clients – from uncovering noteworthy trends in their user data to compiling areas of unique thought leadership.

Then, we curate the right reporter to work with on the story at hand. In addition to crafting newsworthy narratives, we create ownable moments. We’ve liveblogged wearing prom dresses every day for a month. We’ve gone on livestreamed dates for a dating site. We’ve thrown NY’s first tech fashion show and Texas’s first robot barista bar. We think outside the box because we’ve never been inside one.

Our founders were some of the first editors appointed to Tumblr’s taste-making Radar, borne from the blogging community, and work as both friend and colleague with the rising generation of new media influencers. That’s part of our sauce- we work with our friends.

I tried every major dating app — and the best one surprised me

Source As I was cutting vegetables, this realisation hit me – others struggle to put food on the table, yet here I am taking my meals for granted. As we look forward to our next meal, there are others who rely on Willing Hearts for their basic staple food. Drop them an email before going down to confirm your volunteering.

The only people that many patients see are their therapists, and undergoing treatment can be lonely without encouragement and motivation.

The Registry of Dating Agencies is a record of all accredited dating agencies under the SDNTrust Accreditation. It contains the names of the accredited agencies, the status and validity of their accreditation. 12/11/ to 11/11/ 3. Dating Moments Pte Ltd:

Recently, I made a deal with Sophie that Daddy and I will go on one overseas trip without her. At 9 years old, Sophie still plays lightbulb and insists that we hold her hand, giving Alexis and I limited opportunities to hold hands like we used to. After all, we have a responsibility to love them, care for them and raise them. And so often, this comes at the expense of our spouse who have been side lined while they watch us fuss about the kids while neglecting them.

In other cases, it could be time away from each other as a couple buries themselves in work, building a career and climbing the corporate ladder. But in reality, I see couples who spend so little time together that they end up looking more like roommates living under the same roof than a couple who are committed to love and honour each other till death do them part. The greatest gift a dad can give his children is to love their mum. Couple trip to Bangkok Since this was a couple retreat, we booked ourselves into the Hua Chang Heritage Hotel, a luxurious boutique hotel that was elegantly alluring both in terms of ambience and design.

Despite it being in the centre of all the shopping action, a peaceful retreat awaits you once you step foot into the hotel lobby.

[29.04.17] [Sweet moments] Park Couple in Singapore ❤️ (Hyung Sik x Bo Young)