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You just have to look at this one performance index, and immediately know China, India and Vietnam were ranked the top three emerging Asian nations most likely to maintain steady and rapid economic growth over the next five years, according to Bloomberg’s Economic Momentum Index for Developing Asia. Overview With the development of information society, Network Technologies become more complex, and as the cornerstone of the network, the keel?? Network cable is even more important this article helps us in understanding what is an index? This article looks at the performance of reclassified sectors, sub-sectors and stocks The analysis covers the performance of the reclassified sectors, sub Index creation is quite time consuming. It is not feasible to perform real-time analysis of incoming queries and generate new indexes when the patterns change. Agriculture was the top performer in while Financials returned to positive Please take note of this important press release.

Saint Martha

Sign up to receive special offers and promotions from Llewellyn. Click for more information about New Worlds or to receive issues via mail. An Introduction to Santeria Cult of the Saints: Huge populations of African prisoners of war, mainly from the kingdoms of Benin and Yoruba in western Africa, were enslaved and shipped to the Caribbean to work in mines and on cane plantations.

The plantation owners baptized their slaves as Roman Catholics and prevented them from practicing their Pagan faith.

Traditional Colors: Yellow, Gold and Amber Number: 5 Areas of Influence: Rivers, love and romance, gold, pregnancy, witchcraft and love or wishing spells, healing (especially emotional), weight loss Entities associated with: Our Lady del Caridad del Cobre (patron saint of Cuba) Symbols: Gold, yellow butterflies, gold, diamonds, gold, yellow roses, gold and did I mentionRead more».

There seem to be two major ways of working the religion of Santeria: Both are legitimate and valid practices but what is the difference, and why does this disparity exist in Santeria? Orunmila also spelled Orunla or Orula is the orisha of divination who knows how our fate will unfold. Only Babalawos can consecrate other Babalawos as priests. A Santero or Santera cannot do these things. But the inverse is also true. A Babalawo cannot do many of the things a Santero or Santera can.

They cannot initiate people in the Kariocha ceremony to be priests of other Orishas. They can perform sacrificial rights , or entrance readings leading in to a kariocha but they cannot be in the sacred room when the initiation is taking place. They do not birth orishas. Babalawos are not the high priests of our religion.


Thank you for your beautiful comment! I cannot sing enough the praise of St. She is amazing and powerful!

Ochun is the wife of Shango, grandmother of Eleggua, who protects her, and mother of Oyá. When she comes down to a celebration, paroxysm and frenzy are reached. Saturday is its day and her festivity is celebrated every September 7th.

The best of two continents came together—some freely, and others, lamentably, by force—and under its hot, tropical sun, molded a nation and a society that many deem among the most unique in the Caribbean. Cuban culture was born from seeds transported by Europeans, but planted by Africans. Her blood is mixed, like her people. Visit the Afro-Cuban cabildos or cult houses, many dating to the nineteenth century and feel the energy of its founders resonating within their walls.

Experience the numerous African drumming traditions and their historical trajectories, allowing them to reverberate through your soul as they replicate millenary rhythms and respond to chants and prayers that alleviated the pain felt by those who sang them yearning to return home. Join us as we embrace the soul of Africa in Cuba. Our tour will include: If you are interested in joining us, please register as soon as possible.

To register, click here:


Welcome to the Cuba Traditions Website Cuban traditions are rich in part due to the racial mix which brings together religions, music, arts, cultures, foods, drinks and more from several places f the world. In this site we will guide you to explore the diversity of the Cuban Traditions. The ethnic symbiosis that took place in Cuba from the time of the Spanish colonization when Spaniards mixed with natives of the island and later, with black slaves brought from Africa, gave place to a new individual, the Creole.

Chat with Ochun, 27 today. From Brooklyn, United States. Start talking to her totally free at Badoo.

In Time We Trust by Trogdor19 reviews Damon and Elena navigate the joys and sorrows of a new relationship while fending off unpredictable attacks from terrifying supernatural enemies. But when they’re confronted with the shadows of Damon’s past and messy moral dilemmas, will they be able to build a life together that they can be proud of? A whole new version of Season 5 without the heartbreaking events of the finale. Vampire Diaries – Rated: But can the cocky Salvatore relearn trust and intimacy after everything he’s been through?

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Cult of the Saints: An Introduction to Santeria

Arjuna, the Ultimate Hero I. I can understand these readers because I felt the same relief once it was done. Using syncretism was really the key to make this happen. Now, when we have left Sumer and Babylon and moved down to the Indus Valley, syncretism is even more important in order to break all this almost endless number of deities down into the few in question. In Vishnu Sahasranama, there are, for example, a thousand names listed for Lord Vishnu alone!

Ochun (also spelled Oshun) is the Yoruban river goddess or Orisha. She is in charge of romance, flirtation, seduction, love and marriage, fertility, money, and .

GDP deflator History of early price indices No clear consensus has emerged on who created the first price index. The earliest reported research in this area came from Welshman Rice Vaughan who examined price level change in his book A Discourse of Coin and Coinage. Vaughan wanted to separate the inflationary impact of the influx of precious metals brought by Spain from the New World from the effect due to currency debasement. Vaughan compared labor statutes from his own time to similar statutes dating back to Edward III.

These statutes set wages for certain tasks and provided a good record of the change in wage levels. Vaughan reasoned that the market for basic labor did not fluctuate much with time and that a basic laborers salary would probably buy the same amount of goods in different time periods, so that a laborer’s salary acted as a basket of goods.

Vaughan’s analysis indicated that price levels in England had risen six to eightfold over the preceding century. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https:


However, our passion for the religion became a common ground that helped us to further cement our relationship. But what happens when one of the partners in a relationship is an olosha and the other person is not a believer? Dating is a natural process of discovery which in the case of people who do not share a same faith can become even more interesting and pose additional challenges and opportunities.

Take for example the fact that not everyone has the verbal grace to explain a religious system where animal sacrifice is a fundamental need at one time or another. To that add the fact that there are no fixed Sunday services where your to invite your parents to share with your intended, and that at some time or another your date may need to dress in white and wear a bunch of beads around his or her neck making it impossible to stand inconspicuously in a crowd.

There is no sweeter word than respect when a couple is starting out, in the middle off or about to finish a relationship.

Daydree Horner is committed to helping you nurture what you’re seeking to transform, in your personal wellness and love relationships. Daydree is the Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Life Coach and Good Love™ Coach at MyOshun.

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Metamorphosys – Place of Bliss

Do you not know that tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will have full sway? George which according to a popular Romanian legend is the day when the saint opens the door to summer. Andrew opens the door to winter. Curiously the eve before both of these holy days is associated in many Eastern European countries with witchcraft and heightened supernatural activity. According to the Gregorian calendar, the feast of St.

In his famous novel Dracula, Bram Stoker makes mention of St.

Let’s Be Exclusive [Christina Knudsen and Ochun dating service]. Spear’s. January/February

The four survival archetypes and their primary purpose: The Child — responsibility, innocence, authority The Victim — personal power, self-esteem The Prostitute — faith, negotiation, integrity The Saboteur — choice, truth, self-esteem These archetypes influence how we respond to challenge, how we make choices especially when we are afraid of something or someone.

The Child Archetype A list of all articles pertaining to the 4 Survival Archetypes Saboteur The Saboteur archetype is made up of the fears and issues related to low self-esteem that cause you to make choices in life that block your own empowerment and success. As with the Victim and Prostitute, you need to face this powerful archetype that we all possess and make it an ally. When you do, you will find that it calls your attention to situations in which you are in danger of being sabotaged, or of sabotaging yourself.

Once you are comfortable with the Saboteur, you learn to hear and heed these warnings, saving yourself untold grief from making the same mistakes over and over. Ignore it, and the shadow Saboteur will manifest in the form of self-destructive behavior or the desire to undermine others. The Saboteur can also show up as the inner critic bent on mucking up the works — why?

Do you ever find yourself examining something or someone to the nth degree in order to find fault sabotaging it in the process? Victim The negative traits of the Victim are self-evident. But when properly recognized, it can be a tremendous aid in letting us know when we are in danger of letting ourselves be victimized, often through passivity but also through rash or inappropriate actions.

“Ochun” by Conquistador